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Revenue Cycle Management

e-Medical Billing is a professional Accounts Receivable Revenue Cycle Management company. We are not a software company masquerading as an RCM company. 

What is your billing company doing? Who is making money from your hard work?

Does your current billing company provide:

  • The insurance company follow-up?
  • The insurance company appeals?
  • Handle rack audit requests?
  • Handle patient billing?
  • Patient follow-up?
  • Patient calls regarding billing questions?
Revenue Cycle Management Medical Billing

If you answered no to any of these questions, it's time to contract with a professional A/R RCM Company.

e-Medical Billing is more than billing, simply the top-tier Revenue Cycle and Accounts Receivable Management Company. We've been serving physicians for over 30 years, by providing unparalleled services:

Claims Management and Tracking

Generation of Management Reports

Online Management Reporting

Client Management Team Interaction

Patient Payment Services

Patient Collections

Insurance Resolution Services

Response to Patient and Insurance Company Inquiries

Credit Balance Refund Checklist

Online Management Reporting

Follow-up on Pended/Rejected/Incorrectly Paid Claims

Client Management Team Interaction